National Spaghetti Day Dinner Party for Kiddos

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National Spaghetti Day Dinner Party for Kiddos


National Spaghetti Day!
Friday, January 4 5:30- 8pm
ages 6+
$40/ child
@Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
349 Ashland Ave.,  River Forest

Kids will make handmade spaghetti using old fashioned machines and will enjoy a pasta buffet with marinara, homemade meatballs, butter and cheese and roasted veggies. After dinner we’ll settle in to make some amazingly cute “spaghetti + meatball” cupcakes using piping bags, homemade buttercream and special chocolate “meatball” truffles and homemade strawberry sauce.
Yum and yum. We can’t wait to cook all this up together!

We’ll provide all of the ingredients, water, lemonade and everything needed for the wonderful kid dinner party!
How about you drop them off with us and go out for your own dinner date?

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The meatballs will be separate to ensure that our vegetarian friends are included. They will be made from ground beef only - no pork.