Schoolhouse Spring Break Camp! ages 6+


Schoolhouse Spring Break Camp! ages 6+

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Schoolhouse Spring Break Camp
Kids will love learning, playing, tasting, growing and cooking at our Schoolhouse Spring break Camp. For children ages 6-11
If the weather allows - we like to go for a walk to Keystone Park or play a game in front of the Schoolhouse. Please dress kids for the weather!

Monday, March 25- Friday, March 29
9am- 3pm (includes snacks and lunch)

Monday - Chicago Style Day!
The week kicks off with a pizza party. We're mixing it up this time and are making the traditional “Chicago Style” PIZZA! Kids will make dough from scratch, our own sauces and chop veggies for toppings. After lunch we'll create a fun Chicago Foods Map project and try our hand at making our own Italian Ice with different syrups. Sweet Home Chicago!

Tuesday - Chopped! Kids’ Competition
It’s Taco Tuesday at the Schoolhouse and campers will be split into teams to create the most delicious taco. Each team will have to incorporate the “mystery ingredients” into their dish!
After lunch we’ll search for the best recipe for chocolate chip cookies and teams can customize theirs for the very discerning judges. Super fun and action packed day!

Wednesday - Homesteading Day!
We’ll start the morning making homemade bread, jam and butter as well as chicken noodle soup and tomato soup for lunch. The afternoon will be a time for getting crafty! Block printing, knitting, sewing and more. Plus! We’ll make berry hand pies and homemade whipped cream for snacks. Life on the farm is super fun.

Thursday - Scout Day!
We are going to earn our “badges” in this special camp designed for skill building.
Can you peel a garlic clove, use a can opener, find the expiration date, crack an egg, peel a potato? In this fun day of challenges and team building kids will learn new skills and earn their badges as they succeed. Lunch will be a variety of dishes that can be prepared by scouts: bean and rice, grilled cheese, hummus and veggies and more.

Friday - Cupcake Wars!
We'll start the day making a big breakfast and relax while watching our favorite show... Cupcake Wars! We'll then gear up for the afternoon competition. Teams will fill, glaze, glitter, decorate and present their 3 best cupcakes inspired by our theme: Spring! Our esteemed judges (camp counselors) will choose the winning team which will take home a $25 gift certificate to Sugar Beet Schoolhouse and everyone will take home cupcakes. Lots of cupcakes. 

$85/day includes snacks and meals that we will prepare together. 
Early drop off starts at 8:30am and late pickup til 3:30 pm for no extra charge. Kids can read or help us set-up clean-up. 

We can accommodate most food allergies and do not serve any peanuts or tree nuts. When you register your child please list any allergies. 

All of our classes take place in the beautiful kitchen and workshop at Sugar Beet Schoolhouse at 349 Ashland Ave. in River Forest.

Questions? Please email

Please note our new cancellation policy as of 1/6/18
Note:  To ensure quality classes with competitive prices, we limit our enrollment and as such, cannot offer refunds or credit for missed classes nor can missed classes be accumulated and used as credit or payment. You may send another student (your child or a friend’s child) in place of your child, though. Please email in this instance. 

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