Schoolhouse Cooks! A Young Chef Cooking Series (ages 8+)


Schoolhouse Cooks! A Young Chef Cooking Series (ages 8+)



Schoolhouse Cooks!  A Young Chef Cooking Series (ages 8+)

Wednesdays 4:30-6pm at Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
349 Ashland Ave in River Forest

2 Spring Sessions:
Feb 22 - April 5 - (skips 3/29 for Spring Break)
April 12- May 17

Are you ready to learn how to cook? Really cook?
In 6 intensive weekly sessions, you will be introduced to and practice essential cooking techniques that will inspire your cooking for years to come. Professional chefs will help you master culinary cornerstones such as knife skills, sauce making, pasta making and working with grains, beans and vegetables.
By learning the science behind cooking, you will be prepared for a lifetime of confidence and fun in the kitchen!  

6 sessions are $270 per student.
That's $45/ class with ingredients, tools and instruction included. 
(please reach out to if your young chef needs financial assistance through our scholarship fund)


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WEEK ONE: Knife Skills- Let's Chop!
Mis en Place
Kitchen Safety & Sanitation
Building Flavorful Sauces
Working with, Buying and Storing Vegetables

WEEK TWO: Pasta Master Class - Like Nona Used to Make
Working with Dough
Using a Rolling Pin
Cutting Fresh Pasta by Hand & with Machine
Filling Pastas
Which Sauces Pair Best with Various Pastas

WEEK THREE: Eggs 101 - Food Science Explored
Soft, Hard, Poached, Scrambled and More!
Emulsions - Homemade Mayo

WEEK FOUR: Beans for the Gourmand
Cooking Beans from Scratch - Testing the Myths
Using a Pressure Cooker & Crockpot
Making Creamy Hummus
Home Sprouting
Recipe Cost Analysis

WEEK FIVE: Grains Glorious Grains!
Stove top popcorn
Baking, roasting, toasting  - granola
Grain salads & heirloom grains

WEEK SIX: Local Foods Exploration
What's in season? Local produce is beautiful and delicious!
We'll use our new skills to make a wonderful meal that we'll share with our families at the end of class!