Parent/ Child Baking - MILKBAR Bday Cake!

momofuku bday (2).jpg
momofuku bday (2).jpg

Parent/ Child Baking - MILKBAR Bday Cake!


Saturday, July 20 10am-11:30am
Parent + Child (or any combo of adult/ youth)
Best for ages 7+ (little kids will enjoy this, too, but it presents some fun challenges)
Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
349 Ashland in River Forest

Are you as obsessed with Christina Tosi as we are?
First off, she’s fun. Second, she’s super talented. Third? Well, she makes yummy cakes and shares her recipes FREELY! Thanks Christina!

We loved making and eating this recipe in our first class in May. It was so, so much fun and the cakes turned out beautifully! We’d love to host another class to introduce MORE people to this fun recipe.

This famous bday cake is unusual is many ways and is delicious!
Plus, it’s not too fussy and we think it’s more fun to get a little messy and crazy than be perfect. Right?
Each team of 2 will make a 6” cake with three layers of homemade sprinkle studded cake. We’ll layer those with her signature sprinkle crumbles and delicious frosting and “milk soak”.
You’ll layer and layer using cake rounds and acetate to achieve her stylish confection.
At the end of class you’ll box up your beauty to take home and chill for the rest of the day before you can dig in. It needs time to chiiiillll. :) You can have it after dinner. Promise.
$60 includes everything you need to make and take this beautiful cake!

- NOTE: this class is for 1 parent and 1 child to make a cake together. If you’d like to bring 2 children please register for 2 people. Thank you!

Before class we HIGHLY suggest you learn more about Christina’s rise to fame. She’s very inspiring to our students!


ALLERGENS - Baking classes will include - eggs, gluten, dairy and some other possible allergens but SUGAR BEET SCHOOLHOUSE USES NO NUTS/ TREE NUTS.  Please make us aware of your child’s/ families allergies when you register.

Please note our new cancellation policy as of 1/6/18Note:  To ensure quality classes with competitive prices, we limit our enrollment and as such, cannot offer refunds or credit for missed classes nor can missed classes be accumulated and used as credit or payment. You may send another student (your child or a friend’s child) in place of your child, though. Please email in this instance.

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We do not serve nuts in any of our cooking classes for kids unless specified. 
When you register - please let us know if your child has any food allergies and we will tailor the class to accommodate their needs.