BAKE SHOP! Baking Class for kids - FRIDAY

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BAKE SHOP! Baking Class for kids - FRIDAY


Friday Afternoons - 4pm- 5:30pm
Ages 7- 12
Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
349 Ashland in River Forest

It’s FALL - let's BAKE!
Each week we'll learn new techniques and explore the fun world of baking. From yeasted breads to rolled fondant decorations for cakes - we'll make something challenging and delicious every Friday. 

$150 for 6 week session includes 1.5 hour cooking class and each child takes home a sample of their baking to share with family. 
One Makeup class is allowed per session.


Sept 21 - Apple Strudel
We’ll brush layers of filo with butter and work with the first of the season apples to create a classic pastry.
Sept 28 - Bagels
Bakers will learn the art of making bagels in just 90 minutes. Such fun to shape, boil and bake and sprinkle with toppings.
Oct 5 - Apple Fritters
Making fresh donuts from scratch filled with tart apples is so rewarding.
Oct 12 - Bavarian Soft Pretzels with Homemade Cheese Sauce
How can simple bread taste this good and be so fun to make?
Oct 19 - Autumn Leaf Watercolor Cookies
Bakers will make sugar cookies and top with them beautiful water colored fondant that they make themselves.
Oct 26 - Scaredy Cake with Marshmallow Spider Webs and Chocolate Ganache
Our last class! We’ll celebrate by making a 6” cake with fun and spooky decorations.

Nov 2 - Fall Leaf Cupcakes
Young bakers will experiment with buttercream, fondant, caramel and more to create beautiful Fall cupcakes.
Nov 9 - Crackers!
Homemade Cheezits and Fancy Flatbreads are delicious with Fall soups.
Nov 16 - Baby Pumpkin Pies with Traditional Pie Crust
We’ll learn the art of pie pastry and make seasonal decorations for our pies.
Nov 30 - Traditional French Baguettes and Homemade Garlic Butter
Fresh Bread is so good and this dough is fun and easy to make at home.
Dec 7 - Peppermint Bark and Handmade Peppermint Marshmallows!
Learning to make confectionary is part science but mostly fun and delicious!
Dec 14- Holiday Cookie Bonanza!

We’ll make and decorate as many cookies as possible. Lots of fun and creativity is encouraged!

Baking classes will include - eggs, gluten, dairy and some other possible allergens but SUGAR BEET SCHOOLHOUSE USES NO NUTS/ TREE NUTS.  
Please make us aware of your child’s/ families allergies when you register.

Please note our new cancellation policy as of 1/6/18
Note:  To ensure quality classes with competitive prices, we limit our enrollment and as such, cannot offer refunds or credit for missed classes nor can missed classes be accumulated and used as credit or payment. You may send another student (your child or a friend’s child) in place of your child, though. Please email in this instance. 

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We do not serve nuts in any of our cooking classes for kids unless specified. 
When you register - please let us know if your child has any food allergies and we will tailor the class to accommodate their needs.