Homesteading! DIY crafts + cooking for kids - MONDAY


Homesteading! DIY crafts + cooking for kids - MONDAY



Monday Afternoons
4pm- 5:30pm
ages 7-12
Sugar Beet Schoolhouse
349 Ashland in River Forest

Our summer Homesteading Camps were sold out! We had so much fun making useful everyday items like beeswax candles and vegetable dyed tea towels that we wanted to offer an after school program. 
Each week we'll explore a new Homesteading topic that teaches young people the principles of self reliance, conservation, and upcycling. 
Kids will "make and take" a project each week to enjoy at home. 
We'll start each class with a trip around the "homestead" to check on the chickens, the greenhouse and gardens and care for plants and animals. 


Sept 11  - Bees
Learning about beekeeping and how local apiaries are a backyard solution to protecting our pollinators. We’ll make beeswax lip balm, and beeswax candles.  We’ll explore honeycomb and taste several local honeys made in our community!

Sept 18 - Paper
Handmade paper is fun to make and uses otherwise unwanted paper scraps to make something useful and beautiful. We’ll collect herbs and flowers from the garden to create interesting textures in our final product. 

Sept 25 - Textiles
Hand sewing is a lost art but it’s how everything was made on the Homestead! Learn several stitches to make a felt bag complete with a button closure. Measuring twice and cutting once!

Oct. 9  - No class - 

Oct. 16 - Bread
The staple of every meal used to be bread… and it was delicious! Homemade bread teaches patience, chemistry, technique and culture. We’ll make our own homemade butter, too. Yum! (We can make the dough in class and kids can take home to bake). 

Oct. 23 - Self Care
With Winter approaching we’ll make sure we have some home remedies on hand to soothe sore throats and fend off nasty colds. We’ll make lemon honey lozenges using an old fashioned candy making technique and brew elderberries for an immune boosting syrup. 

Oct. 30 - Herbs
Using fresh and dried herbs we’ll explore their healthful benefits. Homesteaders will make lavender sachets for peaceful sleep as well as an herbal night time tea to enjoy before bed for sweet dreams. 

Nov 6 - Chickens
Critters make the Homestead a lot of fun (and a lot of work!). How do chickens provide for the family? We’ll visit a local backyard flock to learn more about chicken keeping and make a farm fresh egg frittata. 

 Nov 13 - Knitting
There are long cold winters on the Homestead and we’ll need something to keep us busy by the fire and we’ll need gloves, blankets and sweaters, too! We’ll explore simple finger knitting projects and end with a knit piece to be proud of. 

Nov 20 - Weaving
Weaving everything from baskets to brooms was how Homesteaders created every day items for their home. We’ll make a beautiful wall hanging using traditional weaving techniques - but with a “modern twist”. Using what we find in the garden and other natural materials - we will make weavings inspired by nature. 

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We do not serve nuts in any of our cooking classes for kids unless specified. 
When you register - please let us know if your child has any food allergies and we will tailor the class to accommodate their needs.