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As food analogies go, what if our community identified more as a “cooking school” than a “melting pot”?
Cooking With Friends is a new project by Sugar Beet Schoolhouse that invites our community to come together in the kitchen to share skills, stories, culture and good food.

We are always inspired by our young students and the stories they share about their own food traditions. Now we are asking all cooks of ALL ages and skill levels to share special recipes! Maybe you make a mean Challah that you learned from your Bubbie or you have been practicing making cake pops with your mom and now want to show others how you do it. All ideas are welcome!

1. Submit your idea below. It can include your vision for the class, any special equipment you need and if you want to play special music, read a book or teach a dance!

2. We’ll review your idea and see how it fits with our space and consider how we can support your vision and make it a huge success.

3. We contact you for a meeting to go over recipes, logistics and set a date and time for the class.

4. We post on our website and print fliers to spread the word. You help, too!

Class day - we prep everything so that all you have to do is show up and share your recipe with our guests. Our staff helps and supports you throughout the class.
We all learn together and have so much fun and then we eat and celebrate our diverse community of cooks and their food ways.

Compensation- We are offering a $100 credit towards classes/ camps at Sugar Beet Schoolhouse or a $50 gift card to Sugar Beet Food Co-op. You choose!

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